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  • Remote Control
    My remote control (RC) Aircraft and Stadium Truck pictures

  • USMC
    Marine Corps pictures. Not particularly up to date.

  • Normandy 2002
    Slideshow of my visit to Normandy, June 2002. Despite the wheather insiting on ruining the visit, an impressive and sobering experience.
    Note that the American cemetary was being prepped for George W. Bush's visit on June 4th.
    You will find pictures of the village where we had lunch, the main Cemetary, and two museums nearby Omaha beach. You will then see pictures of Omaha beach itself.

  • A basement museum
    This is a friend's basement "museum", dedicated largely to WWII. There is large German section, and another USGI section. In addition, there are some Japanese representations.
    Note, since I have been asked, that I do not in any way condone, approve, believe in or apologize for the conduct of Nazi Germany. This is a presentation of a collector's museum. Since the period illustrated is 1936-1945, there are bound to be German items, flags, helmets and the like.
    These items are part of history, just as much as the allied items depicted.
    History is best preserved and less likely to be repeated when exposed and remembered. That is the purpose of this pictorial.

  • Red Brush matches
    Pictures and videos of matches at Red Brush Range in Evansville, IN.

    * ...and not so C&R